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Driving conditions in Ontario, Canada are extremely unpredictable. During the winter months, between November and April, the risks associated with driving on both highway and rural roads increases, causing Ontario drivers to become apprehensive of traveling. 

By requirement of Ontario law, all registered vehicles on the road must be insured. McCutcheon Insurance in Napanee wants to help these drivers, throughout the Quinte, Greater Napanee and surrounding regions, to drive safely and wisely during these upcoming winter months. At McCutcheon Insurance, we provide a variety of motor vehicle insurance options (anchor link to below options) - from collector car insurance to motorcycle insurance! 

Our qualified auto insurance brokers at McCutcheon Insurance have both the knowledge and expertise needed to insure your vehicle wisely, lower your risks, and save you money on your insurance premiums. One of the ways we do this is by encouraging the proper installment and use of winter tires!


The Importance Of Winter Tires

80% of drivers have avoided major automobile accidents by having winter tires installed on their vehicles. 75% of Canadian drivers regularly install winter tires on their vehicles, thus preventing the danger and risk of those major automobile accidents. 


Benefits Of Installing Winter Tires 

It is clear that installing and driving with high quality, properly installed, winter tires improves driver performance. They also work in up to -30 degree weather! What are some of the specific benefits of installing and driving with winter tires though?

  • Improved Road Safety 

  • Improved Driving Performance 

  • Increased Traction of up to 30% 


Save On Auto Insurance By Installing Winter Tires

By installing winter tires, Canadian drivers can save between 1-5% on their auto insurance premiums. Insurance companies actually lower insurance premiums on vehicles that have winter tires installed in order to prevent potential loss and damages, as well as to minimize the risks associated with winter driving.

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Winter Tires Guide

How do you know what winter tires to install? 

How do you know when to install winter tires?


Our McCutcheon Insurance brokers have created a winter tires guide for our Ontario drivers to follow in order to ensure that they are following the necessary steps in receiving lower insurance premiums.

  1. Install your winter tires for the entirety of winter - November to April.

  • At McCutcheonInsurance in Napanee, we recommend making an appointment for your winter tire installation early in the season in order to get ahead of the rush. By scheduling your winter tire installation early, you will be better prepared for the inevitably unpredictable Canadian weather.

  1. Ensure that your winter tires display the winter tire symbol.

  • Snow tires perform 30% better than all-season tires do and only they display the winter tire symbol. The winter tire symbol is used in Canada to communicate that the winter tire has been manufactured specifically to meet snow traction performance requirements. The pictograph, showing a mountain and snowflake, was set by the Rubber Association of Canada and states that the tire is designed for better grip on ice and in sub-zero weather conditions. 

  1. Ensure that you install all four winter tires at once.

  • Although it can be tempting to install only two of the four necessary winter tires as a money-saving hack, this could actually cost you more money in the long run. In order to receive lower auto insurance premiums, all four winter tires must be installed. This ensures proper all around traction and will improve overall driving performance. 

  1. Ensure winter tires are kept in good condition.

  • Tires wear out and lose their traction over time, so it is important to ensure that your winter tires are in excellent condition before they are installed, as well as throughout their use (April - November).

  1. Ensure proper air pressure in winter tires.

  • Ensuring proper air pressure in your tires is important regardless of the season, however during the fluctuating weather conditions of winter, tire pressure can begin to deplete unexpectedly. In order to improve vehicle performance and general road safety, winter tire pressure must be monitored closely. 


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