Travel InsuranceMcCutcheon Insurance provides travel insurance in Napanee, Ontario.

Whether you are planning on an out-of-country vacation, holiday visitations or a cross-province road trip, travel insurance is one of the most important aspects of travel planning to consider. Ensuring that you have the proper travel insurance coverages while you are away from home will help protect you and your family from potential crises. 

Travel insurance holds specific health insurance coverages that could become crucial during out-of-province or out-of-country travelling. 

Some of these important travel insurance coverages include the following: 

  • Emergency medical transportation for any reason (including pregnancy).
  • Diagnostic tests such as X-rays.
  • Extra services such as wheelchairs, casts or splints.
  • Prescription medications.
  • Emergency oral health care.
  • Treatment for recurrence of a pre-existing condition.
  • Expenses related to having relatives travel to get you if you are hospitalized.
  • Expenses related to your family's needs if someone gets sick while you are traveling.
  • Coverage benefits for health needs if there is a re-enactment of out-of-province travel bans while you are out of province.

Our McCutcheon Insurance brokers in Napanee, Ontario, are happy to review your existing insurance coverages and discuss any limitations or exclusions that may be relevant to your upcoming travel plans.  

For more information on travel insurance options, contact our McCutcheon Insurance team directly or contact our travel insurance provider using the following contact information:

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