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At McCutcheon Insurance in Napanee, every season is cottage season. 

Our team of experienced insurance brokers are here with the knowledge and coverage you need to prepare and protect your cottage throughout the entire year.

Ontario, Canada is known for its intense seasonal changes - from the heat and humidity of the summer months, to the icy, snowy months of winter. Regardless of the drastic seasons, there is always work to be done at the cottage - whether that be prepping your cottage for the hot summer months, maintaining your cottage throughout summer, shutting down your cottage for the winter, or ensuring that everything is being properly protected throughout those cold months! 

Along with the constant need to prepare and maintain the cottage building, property and water access on your cottage property comes the important factor of ensuring that your cottage is properly insured.


Why Is Cottage Insurance Important  

Insuring your cottage is just as important as insuring your home. When you buy cottage insurance from McCutcheon Insurance in Napanee, you are purchasing financial protection and security for your recreational home. This protection will secure your cottage and outdoor cottage buildings from possible vandalism, fire and theft.


McCutcheon Cottage Insurance Guide

There are numerous types of cottages that are used for different purposes and at different times. This means that each cottage will have specific insurance coverage needs. That is where our team of qualified cottage insurance brokers at McCutcheon Insurance come in - we have the right coverage for your recreational cottage needs, no matter what those needs are!

When discussing cottage insurance, there are four key topics that you should be aware of - all of which our insurance brokers at McCutcheon Insurance have listed below.


McCutcheon Cottage Insurance

Below are some of the questions that our McCutcheon Insurance clients can expect from our brokers. Discovering the answers to these important cottage insurance questions will help you in preparing and completing the cottage insurance application process.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you are ready to complete our easy, online application form below. Our McCutcheon Insurance brokers will provide you with an opportunity to sign up now for cottage insurance immediately! Apply Now!

  1. What type of cottage do you have?
    - Basic
    - Superior
    - Ultimate (4 season)

    Clarifying the type of cottage you own will help narrow down the coverage needs that it will require. For example, a four season cottage will have different recommended insurance coverage than that of a basic cottage, which is only used during certain parts of the year.

  2. What is your cottage used for?
    - Family
    - 2 Week Rental
    - Airbnb

    Our cottage owners use their cottages for a variety of both recreational and business endeavours. It is important that these varying uses are properly outlined so that our insurance brokers at McCutcheon Insurance understand the extent of coverage that you need. With the variety of different cottage insurance packages available at McCutcheon Insurance, it is our aim to ensure that you have the right coverage that fits you and your cottage. 

  3. What should your cottage insurance cover?
    - Basic
    - All Risk
    - Vandalism
    - Water

    It is important to understand what risks are associated with the ownership and use of your cottage. Our qualified cottage insurance brokers at McCutcheon Insurance are well acquainted with cottage ownership, as well as the potential risks. Our cottagers at McCutcheon trust our brokers to, not only walk you through the entire process of outlining your cottage coverage needs, but to also provide you with the coverage that fits you best.

  4. What is your rebuilding cost?
    Understanding the full recovery cost of your cottage is extremely important when discussing the cottage insurance coverage needed for your particular situation. How much would it cost, in total, to rebuild your cottage from the ground up? This cost will most likely differ from the initial worth of the cottage building. Our McCutcheon Cottage Insurance brokers will properly assess your situation and provide an educated cottage insurance quote. 

Contact Your McCutcheon Cottage Insurance Brokers 

At McCutcheon Insurance in Napanee, Ontario, our brokers have both the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with the right cottage insurance coverage. Is it time to reassess your current cottage insurance, purchase cottage insurance for the first time, or educate yourself on setting up cottage insurance in the future? Our qualified team of insurance brokers at McCutcheon Insurance in Napanee are here to help! We have been serving local and rural cottages in the Quinte and surrounding areas for quite some time. You can trust us to provide you with the expertise and coverage you need!

Contact one of our McCutcheon cottage insurance experts at (613) 354-2555 today or fill in the application form below and we’d be happy to provide you with your ideal cottage insurance package!